I was born and raised in a small town in upstate South Carolina. I first became a Blogger and later was persuaded to take my writing a step further. My first book, My Paranormal Life, A True Haunting, started as my own private journal of my family dealing with a dark entity. But it didn't stop there, I took it even further and let my experiences help me to co-found a paranormal team and a cryptid team. I enjoy being able to reach out and help others. I have made many new friends in both these fields, which has also led me to help others to have their stories told. I realize firsthand that these people have a very passionate and unique story that needs to be told. In getting these powerful stories out to the public, I hope it will help further research in both of these fields and the individual who shares their story with me may find some closure to their own personal nightmare. I am honored to be able to bring you true stories of the unexplained.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Our Paranormal Reality

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Our Paranormal Reality, a True Haunting. Book 1, The Early Years, Is the actual story of a family dealing with an evil entity. What was first only a nuisance, quickly turns into a haunting of the worst kind. When demonic forces threaten to destroy this family, they begin to fight back. They enter into a battle for their home, their family and their very lives.

After dinner one night the four of us sat in the sun room watching TV. At one point we all heard muffled voices coming from down the hall. Matt and Caleb went to take a look. The back door was still locked, and there was nothing out of place, so they returned to the sunroom and we settled back in to finish our movie.  All of a sudden the back door slammed so hard it shook the house! Matt and Caleb were on their feet in a flash racing down the hall. Cara and I stood in the dining room, terrified, looking down the hallway. To everyone's amazement, the door was still locked!