I was born and raised in a small town in upstate South Carolina. I first became a Blogger and later was persuaded to take my writing a step further. My first book, My Paranormal Life, A True Haunting, started as my own private journal of my family dealing with a dark entity. But it didn't stop there, I took it even further and let my experiences help me to co-found a paranormal team and a cryptid team. I enjoy being able to reach out and help others. I have made many new friends in both these fields, which has also led me to help others to have their stories told. I realize firsthand that these people have a very passionate and unique story that needs to be told. In getting these powerful stories out to the public, I hope it will help further research in both of these fields and the individual who shares their story with me may find some closure to their own personal nightmare. I am honored to be able to bring you true stories of the unexplained.


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The Doll

Ty and Jenna are your typical American couple. They married straight out of college and started what they thought was a perfect life together. Suddenly, they find themselves thrown head over heels into the paranormal. Their lives are spiraling out of control, and all they can do is fight to survive. But how do you fight what you can't see? Don't miss this true story of how two average people find themselves fighting the ultimate battle against dark forces that want nothing more than to consume them.

I heard Hunter began to read the scripture from the bible. The wind from the windows picked up and began to lightly blow my hair. I thought of every horror movie I had ever seen. Isn’t this where everything starts going to hell in a handbasket? I pushed the thought from my head. We were almost done! We had nearly cleansed the whole house!
Pam had worked her way back over to us, and Hunter finished reading. It was time for Ty and me to read the prayers. I didn’t have mine! I must have lost them in the hall. Ty held out his paper where we could read together. We read the prayers in unison and demanded this thing leave our house. There was to be nothing in here but Love, Light, and God.
When we were done, I kept waiting for something to happen. It was like waiting on the thunder after the lightning. Nothing was happening. Why didn’t anything happen?
“It’s so quiet,” Pam whispered.
The wind had stopped blowing, and you could have heard a pin drop in the attic. It was so quiet; it was almost uncomfortable.

“I’m not sure I like this,” Hunter stated. “It’s too quiet.”

Wood Booger

It was the summer of 1960, and Matt Scott was twelve years old. Like any young boy, he spent his days fishing and plundering the woods with his best friend, Luke. Life was simple living on his Papa's Black Angus farm in Northern Georgia. Little did he know that a childhood innocence would be lost that summer when he and Luke came face to face with what they had considered a tall tale, the Wood Booger.


I was thinking about all of this when a rock came straight out of the woods and rolled right up to my feet!
 I looked at Luke, and he was looking at the rock with a puzzled look on his face. Before we could speak, another rock hit me in the shoulder. I jumped to my feet, yelling, “Seth! You better cut that out! That one hurt worse than blazes!”
I was rubbing my shoulder when Luke said, ‘I don’t think that was Seth.
After the fight he caused this morning, there is no way Dad would let him leave the house.”
“Then who is that chucking rocks at us?” I asked. Just as another rock came flying out of the trees hitting Luke square on the back of his head!
“STOP THAT!” Luke screamed, rubbing the back of his head. I could tell by the tone in his voice that it had really hurt.
I was trying to think of who might be out in the woods with us chucking rocks. We had never come across anyone else while we were out here. And I didn’t know anyone else from school that lived close enough.
Another rock landed right beside Luke. “NOW THAT’S ENOUGH!” He yelled, jumping to his feet.

I stood there looking at the woods. “They are coming from all directions,” I told Luke softly. I didn’t want the enemy to hear me.

Dream House

Sometimes, things are just too good to be true. A young couple could not believe their luck when they were gifted the home of their dreams. Little did they know, that something sinister was slowly gathering strength and about to make their beautiful home a living nightmare. Day by day, a dark force was growing. Would they be able to fight it, or would they flee the house that had once been so special? Don't miss this true story of heart, Love, home, and evil.


About halfway through my shower, I got shampoo in my eye. I reached for the towel that I had thrown across the top of the shower, and it was gone! I opened my now stinging eye just a tiny bit to see if it had fallen off onto the floor. It wasn’t there either! I knew I had brought a towel in here with me. I rinsed my face under the water again, trying to get my eye to stop burning. The water instantly went from a comfortable, cool temperature to scalding! Some of the water hit my face before I could jump out of the way causing immediate pain! I hopped out of the shower and found my dirty t-shirt on the floor. With both eyes closed, I picked it up and brought it toward my face. That is when the T-shirt was yanked so hard it sent me flying across the bathroom and crashing headfirst into the wall. NO! PLEASE NO! There was no one here to help me! I hit the wall with such force that I almost blacked out. My hair was immediately yanked causing my head to fly up, and I landed on my back on the bathroom floor. I remember hearing the sound of the water from the shower. The shower was still on. I was yanked roughly across the cold tile floor with such force that my head hit the ceramic toilet bowl. I saw dark spots in front of my eyes. Don’t pass out now! Don’t pass out!  

Breast Cancer
Faith, God
Home Free

What do you do when you find the dreaded lump? This is my own personal journey through breast cancer. I will take you step by step into the life of a cancer patient. The confusion, the pain, and the tears when facing the unknown. Come along with me as we get the diagnosis, delve into treatments and learn about life after the fact.


I met my surgeon, I’m going to call her “my surgeon.” She was sweet and caring. She examined my breast and asked if I had a Lymph Node Biopsy. I told her that I hadn’t and she wanted to schedule one right away. Really? Did I really need another Biopsy? (We all know how that first one went.) I knew there was nothing I could do but let her schedule it. She told me to hold off seeing the oncologist until we got the results of this Biopsy. She felt that cancer may have moved to my lymph nodes and she had to know for sure. (WOW. I had never considered that it may have spread. How could this happen? We had just found the lump. How long had this cancer been in my body? I hadn’t even considered this. 

Sasquatch Travels

A retired couple set out for a hike at a state park not knowing that this simple hike was going to change their lives forever. The day started out normal enough, but soon they were both reeling from the fact that monsters really do exist. And they are a lot closer to you than you could ever imagine. Find out what happens to John and Susan after they discover the unimaginable in this true story of Sasquatch Travels.

My eyes and my brain were no longer communicating. I was looking into an almost human face. Its expression led me to believe that it was as surprised or maybe even as scared as I was. We stood there in the rain; all three of us just looking at each other. This thing was the color of a black bear. The skin on its face was dark with the fur stopping at the edges. Its forehead protruded a little further than ours with a flared nose; the eyes were much larger than ours and very dark. The lips were thin on its full mouth. The head was much bigger than ours with the hair on top looking like a short Mohawk. The shoulders were massive with tapering arms that seemed to stop just below the knees. The fur covered the backs of the giant hands. Its waist was slightly narrower leading to very muscular legs. The anatomy of a male species was present.
I just stood there in the rain looking at this creature as all of my senses shut down. This wasn’t real. I was dreaming and would wake up in my own bed shortly.
This creature moved its head slightly as if to sniff the wind, and my reality came rushing back almost causing me to scream. I knew in my mind that I was standing there in the middle of a State Park, in the rain, looking at something that didn’t exist. I was looking at a Sasquatch.


Is a Ouija Board just a game? Is it a simple piece of wood? Or is it something much darker? Find out as sixteen-year-old Aspen gets pulled in by the powers of the board. Is she merely addicted to playing or is she a pawn in a much darker game? You don't want to miss this gut-wrenching true story of when Ouija boards don't play fair.
Just as I made it to the landing, I Heard a horrible laugh, that came from behind me! It was faint but definitely a wicked sounding laugh. Almost as if something was happy that I was frightened. Amy and Aspen must be playing a joke on me. I opened the basement door and looked down into the dark. “Aspen?”, “Amy?” There was no answer. I waited a few seconds before calling out again. I heard a rustling come from the bottom of the steps and what sounded like a stifled giggle.

It was the girls! I was relieved. They were just teasing me, so I decided to go along with their game. I took two steps down the stairs and called out again. This time the faint laughter came from the far side of the basement and one of them whispered something that I couldn’t make out. “I know you girls are done here,” I called taking a few more steps down into the basement. Just as my foot hit the floor at the bottom of the steps, the door above me slammed shut with a deafening noise! My adrenaline spiked, and my heart began to race! How did that door close? I was terrified. “Girls!” I called out. “This isn’t funny anymore!” There was still no answer.

I hurried up the steps and grabbed the doorknob. I just wanted out of this basement. I had a horrible feeling that something or someone was standing at the bottom of the steps looking at me.

I reached the top of the stairs and grabbed the doorknob. It was locked! I twisted the knob back and forth frantically! It was locked from the other side! The feeling of being watched was getting stronger. I turned around hoping to see one of the girls standing there laughing at me. But I couldn’t see anything. The laughter came once again from the far side of the basement. It was a little louder this time but still a suppressed sound. I backed up with my back against the door.

I knew now this wasn’t the girls. Was it the man again that I had seen in my bedroom? Had he come back and hid in the basement? I whirled around and pounded on the basement door with my fists. “ASPEN! AMY!”

Just then the light on the landing went out plunging the basement into complete darkness! My voice caught in my throat!
“ASPEN!” I screamed again as loudly as I could. “I’m locked in the basement!” I was about to scream again when the board creaked on the bottom step. Something was coming up the steps! I pounded the door even harder! “GIRLS!”, I screamed. “PLEASE HELP ME!” With each scream, my panic grew! I was pounding on the door like a mad woman! “ASPEN! AMY! I NEED HELP!

Logan and Kim Braxton lived a quiet life in the country. Both being nature lovers, things like Bigfoot had never crossed their minds. Not until the night they were stalked by one on their own property.

As the last of the light faded from the sky, I could hear Kim gasping for breath. She was still being pulled at a slow run by Sarah. I didn’t know if it was safe for us to stop. But I knew that Kim wasn’t going to be able to keep going like this.

“Let’s take a quick break,” I told her. Kim immediately collapsed to the ground trying to catch her breath. Her long dark hair was wet with sweat. I sat down on the ground beside her facing the opposite direction. “Logan,” she gasped between heavy breaths. “What is out here with us?” I didn’t want to tell her what I thought it was. I thought that would be best to do at home where we were all safer. I just didn’t think she could handle hearing the truth now.

“ I’m not sure,” I responded.

“I don’t think we’re safe,” Kim said. Her breathing was getting a little easier.

“ I don’t think we are either,” I told her. “We need to get going again soon.” Just then a rock hit me in the shoulder! 

Ron was an avid hunter and a die-hard skeptic. So when he was given the opportunity to purchase some private land that had been posted for thirty years he was thrilled. This just had to be a wildlife haven. It didn't take him long to find out that the land was teeming with wildlife and many more things that he couldn't explain. Ron's world begins to slowly unravel as he comes to realize that things aren't always what they seem.

 I heard some rustling in the brush a few times, but my scope showed nothing. The night was pretty quiet. Around eleven, the coyotes kicked up. As I listened to their yells and barks, I was picking up something else in the middle of it.
Something that just didn't sound right to me. It was a yell, but not a coyote yell. It was only happening when the coyotes would howl so there was no way I could pick out what it was. I kept hoping it would yell by itself so I could hear it better.

It wasn't long after midnight when I got what I wanted. Whatever this thing was let out a yell as I have never heard come from any animal or human! It was a deep throaty sound. I have to admit it scared the crap out of me. I was out here in the woods with a shotgun across my lap and a Glock on my hip. I kept a knife sheathed on my leg. But I felt strangely vulnerable.

They yell had come from the direction of the creek that had some thick canes. I hadn't gone in that far because of the canes. This area was roughly seven or eight hundred yards from me. That was too close for comfort. I decided to sit there a while longer and listen for another yell. Hearing another scream would let me know if it had moved. If I didn't hear it again after a while, I would head on home for the night. I just didn't like this feeling I had, and my gut told me it was time to go.

Raven Darkhawk left us all wondering what happened to her and her family after she and her sister were viciously attacked by the Kecleh-Kudleh. Did Raven leave the reservation for good? Did Rain ever talk again? Did the Kecleh-Kudleh return? Find your answers and much more in the chilling conclusion to The Native Truth!
Nick held my hand on the left and had his right hand on his gun. He kept watching the edge of the woods. After a while, the footsteps stopped. I assumed it lost interest in us. I had finally relaxed when we heard a horrible scream come from our right! It made my blood run cold and my adrenaline kick in! Nick instinctively took a stance and faced the woods. My heart froze in my chest. Everything had gone silent. There were no birds, no squirrels playing, just total silence. Then came the sound of heavy footsteps running toward us with limbs breaking and whole trees being pushed over! It sounded like a freight train was coming through the woods! Nick quickly fired four shots in that direction! Something screamed so loud it hurt my ears!

Julie Weaver is alone with no friends or family. Life has dealt her some hard blows. She is fed up with society and longs for the mountains she sees out her dirty window. With nothing to lose Julie throws some things into a backpack and walks out her back door into the wilderness. Will she find peace for her mind and heart or will she find her worst nightmare waiting for her in this vast wilderness?

Just as I was zipping up my backpack, I heard a howl come from further up the mountain. This was the loudest howl I have ever heard in my life! It sent a cold finger of fear through my body. What in the world was that? Did bears yell like this? I paused for a moment and thought back to what I had read...I had heard this sound on the library computer...It wasn't a bear. I knew it wasn't a coyote; they sounded more like dogs. The Mountain Lion and Cougar could make some strange sounds, but it wasn't either of them. It was something I just couldn't put my finger on. This yell lets me know it was time to eat and put away any food that was left.

You don't want to miss any of these chilling, True encounters. Lost Time and Time Warps, Haunted Objects, Shadow People, Angel Encounters, Bigfoot, Haunted Houses, Black Eyed Kids, UFO's, DogMan. Some of these stories are guaranteed to make you want to sleep with the lights on; while others are going to leave you wanting more. Do you dare to read about what happens when the lights go off and the night grows dark and still?
On the way home, Jane sat buckled into the passenger seat with her doll on her lap. “Her name is Priscilla,” she told me, beaming at her new doll. I thought this was a little strange because we didn't know anyone named Priscilla. I actually hadn't even heard that name mentioned at all around the house. Maybe she had heard it at school. I didn't think anything more about it.

A couple of days later I was cleaning the house, and I heard Jane talking. I looked into the living room to see her sitting on the sofa talking to her doll. This was something I hadn't seen her do before. But it didn't strike me as being all that strange, so I went on with what I was doing.

This is the true story of one girl growing up in a different reality than everyone around her. Follow Tammy as she learns about her unique skills. Be on the inside of Tammy's life as she stumbles through learning what being a psychic means. Life can be hard enough, but when you're different, it can be even more difficult. This is the true story of one girl from childhood to adulthood that shares with us her journey of being a psychic.
We both used the restrooms, ordered our food and was walking back out to the car. I was walking a few feet in front of Tommy, and we were laughing about how the cashier had been flirting with him. The next thing I knew, The car we were walking behind went into reverse, knocking Tommy to the ground and pinning him underneath! “TOMMY!” I screamed with everything in me! I rushed to the car and hurled myself to the ground. The people were getting out of the car, but I wasn't paying any attention. As I looked under the car, Tommy was facing me. There was blood on his face, and he was reaching one arm toward me. Tommy! I screamed again. Tommy tried to take a deep breath, but he coughed instead. Then he whispered. “You can help me, Tammy. You have to help me.” As the tears flowed down my face, I knew what he meant.

Bigfoot, A New Reality is the true story of one couple's encounters with Bigfoot. Matt Stevens and his wife Jen find the perfect retirement home. Far away from the noise of the city, they find a piece of heaven nestled in the Appalachian Mountains. Little did they know, that a Bigfoot had claimed this territory long before they did.
I was hoping the deer would be moving up from the stream and pass by me. I readied my gun and waited. I heard this other hunter coming up from the creek. I became quite annoyed with him because of moving about was going to ruin my chances of getting a deer. With the sun just beginning to lighten the sky I still couldn't see very far. So I waited for him to get closer. I saw his head come up over the hill and I thought, this is a pretty big man, and I'm not about to say anything to make him mad. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. When this man topped the hill, he was huge. I couldn't see any detail then because he was still too far away. But even the dark shape let me know this was the biggest man I had ever seen. As he drew closer, I began to realize that this wasn't a man at all.

Sasquatch The Native Truth Book 2

Scott and Anna were both born on the reservation. Their heritage was steeped in folklore and tradition. Homesteading on a secluded mountain with a log cabin adjacent to a beautiful river is how they would live, like their ancestors before them. But, the Native American tradition also included the Kecleh-Kudleh; This would turn their dream into a nightmare. The Kecleh-Kudleh exists. It's real, and it's deadly.


Then the scream came from the other side of the barn wall. It was so loud and profound that I felt the vibration from it in my chest and the sound caused a ringing in my ears! I was paralyzed with fear! It seemed like this thing could just reach through the wall and take one of us! I half-way expected it to! I had never heard anything so loud or so angry!

23 Stories of True Bigfoot Encounters, told exclusively by Females. 
Frightening nighttime encounter, Family camping trip turns dangerous,
Rent a secluded cabin with Bigfoot, Bigfoot terrifies partying teenagers,
Buy a house with a Bigfoot attached, Turkey hunting reveals more than Turkeys.
And much more! You don't want to miss any of these frightening encounters.


I saw this thing standing there! It was slowly moving back and forth while it stared at the cabin. I have never been so scared in my life; this thing could quickly get into the cabin and kill us! It was massive! Monsters really do exist! 

Kelley Williams had always been fascinated with the Paranormal. As a teenager, Tarot Cards, Dowsing Rods, and Ouija Boards had left her longing for more. As an adult, she became a Paranormal Investigator. Her passion for the Paranormal would lead her down a dark path she had not expected. She would find herself fighting for her very life. Would she be able to save her family, her friends and even herself from this evil she had brought into their lives? Or would she pay the ultimate price?
My name is Tami, and I'm forty-two years old. I was born and raised as an only child in New York. My parents and I lived in a three-bedroom house in a “not so bad,” part of town.

At eighteen and fresh out of high school, I went to work in my families restaurant. It wasn't what I had wanted to do. And I hated every minute of it. But I hadn't received a scholarship and college just wasn't affordable right now. I had wanted to go and major in arts. Then open up my own shop one day. So my future plans were pretty much set.

At twenty-two, I was still waiting tables when I met John. John stood out from the rest of our normal patrons with his cowboy boots and blue jeans. He had a beautiful smile and gentle eyes. It wasn't long before he became a regular and I fell in love.

After a whirlwind courtship and wedding, we moved to his hometown of Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains. Being from New York, this was a huge adjustment for me. His family was amiable, and before I knew it, I found myself fitting in. If I had only known then that these mountains contained a nightmare and I would leave them with a terror so raw that I would not fully recover. And I would never again set foot in those beautiful mountains that I once called home.

As the fire began to die down, we crawled into our tent for the night. We were both tired and soon fell asleep. I dreamed of werewolves that chased us through the woods as coyotes howled and barked. I woke up sometime during the night in a cold sweat. This nightmare had seemed too real. A coyote howled just past the tent. It appeared to be close enough for me to reach out and touch! I pulled my sleeping back tighter to me. As the coyote howled again, I heard a deep throaty growl come from the front of our tent! I couldn't take this! Why did this have to happen now? It was dark, and would be near impossible to find our way home! I was scared to death. I pulled my sleeping bag over my head and prayed for sleep.

Are the Black Eyed Kids Real? This family says they are! Read this harrowing story of a family unaware that their dream home was about to become their worst nightmare.
I loved the smell of the leaves and the damp earth. I was really enjoying my walk. I rounded a bend in the path and could see the lake up ahead between the trees. But what I saw next made me stop in my tracks. A little girl was standing on the trail facing my direction. Her head was bent down, and she had very dark straight hair. Her arms hung down by her sides, and the skin of her hands looked ghostly pale. She was wearing, jeans, tennis shoes and a hoodie with the hood pulled up over her head. I was instantly filled with fear. Something about her was off. This didn't feel right at all!

I wanted to turn and run for the safety of my home right then. But I told myself I was irrational. She was just a child, nothing to fear.

I called out to her and asked if she were OK. She didn't respond, and I knew that she had to have heard me. I called out again, and this time, she raised her head to look at me. She raised her head slowly, reminding me of a horror movie.

I was unprepared for what I saw next.

A Native American tells her horrifying story of growing up around the Kecleh-Kudleh. It felt like my heart had just been ripped from my chest and I was horrified at the carnage that lay before me. I had never experienced such horror, and my mind did a jump. I actually felt the small flutter inside my head, a slight tickle like butterfly wings. It was my accepting that what my eyes were seeing was real. This was all actually happening. I was heaving from running so hard, and now I was going to get sick. I turned away and got sick a few times, knowing I still had to get out of these woods. I passed my horse slowly, keeping my eyes diverted. Then I broke into a full run again. I was halfway home when I met my dad coming up the trail on Thunder. Dad had his shotgun over one shoulder and his bow over the other. He reaches down with one hand and in a single, swift movement pulled me up behind him. I wrapped my arms around him tightly and began to sob into his back as he turned the horse and urged him into a run back down the trail.
My horse reared up yanking the reins from my hand! In a split second, she was gone! Running back down the trail. Rain's horse was going nuts, and she was holding on for dear life. I stepped up to calm her horse and climbed up on the back. I wrapped my arms tightly around Rain and yelled, “Go”! I couldn't worry about Jackson. I had to get us home. I had to get us safe.

Just as those words left my lips, it stepped out of the woods, The monster I had always heard about stepped right out in front of us. It was about nine feet tall and covered with dark brown hair. It's face and hands looked like worn black leather. And its eyes felt like they could look right through me. They were darker than any I had ever seen.! My heart leaped up into my chest, and my reality fell away. In that split second of time, my mind completely shut down. I was losing my grip on reality. The line between fantasy and reality no longer existed.

A work of Fiction

Hannah Brooks has always lived in the Mountains of South Carolina. On her sister's advice, she moves to the coast to escape memories of her lost love and to heal her broken heart. Living alone in their grandmother's abandoned house she finds terror like she has never known. Dark family secrets reveal themselves and could prove deadly for Hannah. Will she be able to escape the secrets of the past or will she become another dark secret?
Matt looked up at the ceiling as if he were thinking of a question. “Is there anyone in the room with us?” The planchette shot to yes!
“Oh my gosh!” Matt said. “This thing actually works!”
“Can you give us your name?”, he asked.
The planchette began to move. A...S...M...O...D...E...U...S
“Asmodeus,” Matt said. “Asmodeus.” But his voice sounded differently now. Almost as if he were chanting.

Suddenly a cold air engulfed the room. I could almost see my breath as I began to shiver! A wave of nausea washed over me. My head began to spin. I broke out into a cold sweat.
I slowly raised my head to look at Matt. Matt was no longer with me. I was looking at a timeworn man with the evilest dark eyes I had ever seen! He grinned at me with horrible yellow teeth.
“Are you feeling alright Hannah?” It was Matts voice coming from this hideous face!. I tried to speak, but the words wouldn't come. My heart was racing! I was terrified to my very core. I knew I was in the company of a demon! The face was becoming blurry. I blinked my eyes, trying to focus. What was happening to me? What was going on?

I felt my body begin to relax, my eyes rolled back in my head as I felt myself falling onto the dining room floor. The last thing I heard was Matts laughter.

What do you do when you suddenly find out that monsters really do exist? What do you do when this bizarre reality becomes your normal? You go on a quest to find answers. Follow the George Family and The Carolina Cryptid Crew as they set forth to find answers to many unanswered questions about the elusive Bigfoot.

We had an unseasonably warm day, so I had opened a couple of windows in the house to let some fresh air in. Marty and I were both sitting at our computers doing our own thing. The house was unusually silent as everyone else was napping. We both heard what sounded to be a rapid recession of tree knocks. It seemed to be four or five knocks at one time.
I have read about these and saw a few things about them on YouTube. They have been heard before, but from what I can gather, this is somewhat rare. He and I looked at each other as if to say did you hear that, when we heard this god awful growl. It was a deep primal growl that made my blood run cold. My adrenaline spiked, and my heart began to race. I whispered, OH MY GOD! I was honestly scared to death. It sounded as if this thing was directly in our back yard. Marty got up out of his chair and headed for the back door with me right on his heels. I was just about to tell him not to go out there when this horrible loud growl came again.

This was unlike anything he or I had ever heard in our lives. Nothing nowhere had ever compared to this sound. I was just mere seconds away from panicking. This thing had to be standing just a few feet from our house, and it really didn’t sound pleased. 

This book is based on actual events. A family unexpectedly finds proof of Bigfoot's existence on their property. This is their day to day life in capturing evidence and trying to prove to themselves that what they once considered a legend may very well be their new reality.

   I heard a big branch break to my right as I peered into the dark woods, it seemed as if two red eyes were looking at me! I blinked hard and looked again, yes! I could see them now! Were they moving?! They seemed much more precise, as I strained to focus on these eyes. I watched these eyes steadily coming closer through the woods, I stood up from my chair with my eyes glued to these, and I slowly started to walk backward. I turned on my flashlight and shown it in that direction. It seemed as if it began coming faster toward the light. By the look of the eyes, whatever this was very tall. “Cari,” I said softly. “Cari”….She grabbed me by the arm breaking my stare we turned and made a run for the house. We could hear the whoosh behind us! We made it to the front door, shaking and breathing hard.

Kelley Williams had always been fascinated with the Paranormal. As a teenager, Tarot Cards, Dowsing Rods, and Ouija Boards had left her longing for more. As an adult, she became a Paranormal Investigator. Her passion for the Paranormal would lead her down a dark path she had not expected. She would find herself fighting for her very life. Would she be able to save her family, her friends and even herself from this evil she had brought into their lives? Or would she pay the ultimate price?
My eyes were slowly beginning to adjust to the dark. It was getting easier to make out the large tombstones and avoid walking into them. As I neared the top of the hill, I could see someone standing there.
One of the others must have come to see what was taking me so long. I stopped walking and strained my eyes to see who it was.
Their silhouette was on the hill making them appear bigger from where I stood below. Why didn't they turn on their flashlight I wondered.
“Hey!” "I could use your light"!, I yelled up to them.
They didn't move or respond. Maybe they hadn't heard me. I waited until I had walked a little closer and shouted again, “Can you turn your light on please!?”
Boy, they sure did look big standing up on that hill. Just as my brain started to rationalize that this was too big to be a person, whatever this was charged me!
It came down the hill and was on me in a flash! It was so fast I didn't have time to react. I didn't even have a chance to scream! All I can remember is the cold and the black consuming my whole body!