I was born and raised in a small town in upstate South Carolina.I first became a well-known Blogger and later was persuaded to take my writing a step further. Myr first book, My Paranormal Life, A True Haunting started out as my own private journal of my family dealing with a dark entity. But it doesn't stop there, I took it even further and let my experiences help me to co-found a paranormal team and a cryptid team.I enjoy being able to reach out and help others. I have made many new friends in both of these fields, which has also led me to help others to have their story told. I realize first hand that these people have a very passionate and unique story that needs to be told. In getting these powerful stories out to the public, I hope it will help further research in both of these fields and just maybe the individual that shares their story with me may find some closure to their own personal nightmare. I am honored to be able to bring you true stories of the unexplained.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

New Book Coming Soon!

This is an amazing true story about an encounter with a Ouija board that went horribly wrong.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

invasive ductal carcinoma

The doctor's office called today with my biopsy results and wanted me to come in. Marty and I went about three this afternoon. My results from the biopsy came back, and I have an invasive ductal carcinoma, which is a common form of breast cancer. I was told that it is not aggressive and it is curable.We know it has spread to my lymph node under my right arm. My first visit to the cancer clinic is Friday, March 9. That is all I know for now. If you want to follow along with me on this Journey, you may do so here. https://withsweettea.blogspot.com/. This is probably the last public post I will do on my medical condition. (Thank you for understanding.) I will continue to write when I can, but the two books I am working on now may be a little slower than usual coming out. Please bare with me on this. I promise you new books as often as I can. I have a backlog of clients, so there is plenty of books on the way. Thank you all for your love, prayers, and support. It has meant more to my family and me than you will ever know. I love each and every one of you.( If you are reading this, It means you too. ) Have a blessed evening.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Retired books

I have decided to remove the books, "My Paranormal Life." They will be deleted from print at the end of the year. My reasoning for this is my grandchildren. I do not want either of them to grow up and stumble across these books. I don't want them to know all that went on as they were growing up. This could lead to a future attachment for one of them, and I want to prevent that at all costs. I have tossed this around in my mind for months now. I have thought of changing them to an anonymous Author, and I have thought of replacing all of the names in the books. But I think it will be best that I remove them all together. I will re-open the original blog, and I will be updating that as needed. See, you now get to read all of the original journal entries for free!